Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello from Paul Risse

Hello Everyone - Paul Risse here.  I made a video yesterday evening that I wanted to share with you. Please CLICK HERE to watch if you can't see the video above.

As many of you know, our very first virtual 10-Day Cleanse ended on April 19th.  I learned a number of things from our first cleanse experience:
1. The importance of balancing being both a leader and a servant.
2. People are ready to wake up :)
3. The importance of family. 
4. Surrendering to God's will helps tremendously.
5. Exercise, sunlight and time for prayer/meditation are important for maintaining balance.
6. Amazing transformations can happen in 10 days!! 
Somethings I'm looking forward to focusing in on during phase 2 of CLEANSE America:
1. Education on permaculture and importance of growing your own food.
2. Focus on understanding of how elimination works. That's right, we will be talking about poop :)
3. How to live a healthy vibrant life at any age.
4. New jobs and systems being created through raw foods.
5. Family, tribe, our connection to others that is nurtured through cleansing.
6. How raw food can taste like a true delight :)
I'm super proud of every person who participated in the first cleanse!!  Moving forward we'll be sharing messages from our existing and new Wellness Warriors during our upcoming cleanse that will begin on June 20th.   It is going to be an exciting line up and we look forward sharing the details with you in the coming weeks. 
I'll be traveling to New York with Penni & Daniel the second week of May - connecting to where my mother grew up. It looks like we may have a speaking engagement in Manhattan on Wednesday evening May 9th, and we'll get information out to you once that is confirmed. Then we'll be onto Southern California the following week where we'll continue interviewing Wellness Warriors, cleanse participants, connecting and spreading the message of CLEANSE America!
Although our 1st virtual cleanse is officially over, you can still join our community site to get access to our 3 digital books (over 80 awesome recipes & cleansing guide), the educational, inspirational videos from our Wellness Warriors & to connect with others across the country (and globe) who have successfully done the cleanse! Click here to gain full & immediate access:

We are now accepting registration for our June 20th 10-Day cleanse at this time. 
To pre-enroll and secure your place in CLEANSE America's 2nd 10-Day Virtual Cleanse CLICK HERE! 


  1. I participated in the first cleanse,
    however, did not gain access to some
    of the stuff offered, i.e. some of the
    ebooks etc. Went to Cleanse America
    Website but could not navigate well on
    there. Am I doing something wrong at this end?

  2. Hi - Penni here. When you signed in and created an account at our community site, you would have received a welcome message on your page from Paul with all of the links to all of the content. Just go to your page and look for Paul's comment - which was the first comment you would have received. If you have any other troubles, shoot me an email at - we're traveling today, but I'll be checking emails whenever possible.

    Thanks for letting us know!