Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cleansing As an Act of Love to Help the Planet

Cleanse America Begins in Just 8 Days!

Here are 8 ways that your participation in this cleanse can give back to the earth:

1. Every purchase of fruit/vegetable supports a farmer.

2. If you compost your pulp from juicing/prepping, it can revitalize soil and supercharge it with micronutrients.

3. If you plant the seeds from the fruits/veggies you eat, you can grow infinitely more than you consume.

4. When you grow or purchase real, raw foods (especially locally grown), it lowers the carbon footprint associated with packaged processed foods.

5. You can save your seeds and send them to areas of the world that could use them.

6. The amount of trash you accumulate will be greatly reduced.

7. You will be eliminating (pooping and peeing) more often. If the correct systems are set up this can be tremendously helpful to soil regeneration and water consumption. Compost toilets may be a stretch for most but I had to throw it in to at least plant a seed :)

8. You will be lighter and in turn your steps will be easier for the earth to bear.

We're all getting excited about the cleanse here at CA Headquarters! If you're not signed up yet, now is a great time to do so you can get plugged into our new Community Site to be inspired, educated, to connect and to download the digital materials that will help you plan for a very successful cleansing experience! to register.

See you there!

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