Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Linda Heflin, M.D., - Cleanse America Team Physician

In today post, we're sharing the video that we recently filmed while visiting our team physician, Linda Heflin MD in her Stephenville, TX family practice. At the end of very long week of seeing patients, Dr. Linda made time to share with us a bit of her personal journey as well as more information on why embracing our upcoming cleanse is so helpful in many areas of your health, specifically in reducing inflammation in the body.
Here is some clarification and more specific details regarding inflammation from Dr. Linda:
"Inflammation is a normal part of our body’s natural defense system and it plays a role in many chronic disease processes.  Some of these are:
  •  Asthma                                                                                                                                              
  •  Heart Disease
  •  Type 2 Diabetes
  •  Alzheimer’s Disease
  •  Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  •  Stroke
  •  Cancer
  •  Chronic Pain
What we eat can affect the inflammation in our body. The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 has changed in the last one hundred years. Most of this is from the change in our diet namely - what we refer to as the Standard American diet. The goal for Omega 6 fatty acids to Omega 3 fatty acids should be about 4:1.
Anti-inflammatory foods are ones that are high in omega 3’s such as flax seeds and their oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds,walnutsleafy green vegetables, and - if you are not a vegetarian - cold water fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, and mackerel. 
When people take supplements to help increase their omega 3’s there are several sources.  Plant sources (which contain ALA) are very good.  Many people currently take a fish source (which have EPA and DHA), however, you should check with the manufacture to make sure that any heavy metals such as mercury, were removed when the omega 3 was processed.
Other sources of foods that decrease inflammation are ones that are high in antioxidants such as colorful vegetables such aspeppers, carrots, citrus fruit, green and black tea, dark leafy greens, onions and garlic. Spices also contain anti-inflammatory compounds.  Some of these are ginger, turmeric, oregano, cayenne, clove, nutmeg and rosemary.  Fiberis also good at helping to decrease inflammation.  A goal of at least 30 grams a day is ideal.
Congratulations on making the choice to take charge of your health.  This 10-Day cleanse is a perfect way for you to push the reset button and get a fresh start. I'm looking forward to experiencing this great time of corporate cleansing with you!"
Linda Heflin, M.D.

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